Love can't be judge,
Love is just like buying pretty clothes,
Always changing,
If you don't know about love,
Then you must be regret,
When your heart is hurt,
No one knows,
Only you....can change.

Truly made by,
Whoever u think

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


~~~ My sweet sweet friend from facebook :)))) Brenda & Mabby :)))  i always making fun with them^^ makes me comfortable whenever im using dirty words and etc xDDDD haha what a gag...but seriously i wanna keep my connection with them althought we never see each other face to face. (only on webcam TT_TT) gee i wish that i can see both of u lol !!! my preacious ^_^

~~~ There she is :DDDD my ex-girlfriend Mitchie :)))) i like her cute face & of course her hair xDDD jelez-jelez !!! AWWWWWW i like & love her so much till now but i cant be with her because of  my little brother (he's jealous whenever im in relationship,what the hell la) OMG micht i like everything about u ohhhhh goshhh philipine and malaysia are too far away TT_TT !!!!!mitchie baby dont worry im always in love with u :))) <3 <3 <3

~~~ Riny-chan xDDDD lol shes like an asshole sometimes xDDD always quarrel with me and i was like D:< !!!!! i choke you !!!!!!  wahhhh i remember those days when we're webcam together grrrr till 4am dude Dx gigi "arnab" and gigi braces xDDD but she's really cute when she's doing stupid things example just like in that photo
 haha...nanana we promised that we meet end of this year xDDD cant wait for u riny-chan :33 baskin robin riny !!!! baskin robin !!!!!